Pudding Green Towpath Improvements

Civils Oldbury 0.25M 19 Weeks July 2008

Pudding Green Towpath Improvements

Pudding Green Towpath Improvements


This project involved the reconstruction of 1.5km of towpath along the Oldbury Canal. The works also included the reconstruction of several existing ramps improving access from the highway to the local canal network providing an improved pedestrian and cycle footway.

The works were split into three distinctive phases, Phase 1 being from Albion Bridge to Izons Turnover Bridge, Phase 2 being Izons Turnover Bridge to Belpar’s Bridge and Phase 3 being Belpar’s Bridge to Ryders Green Lock Flight.

Phase 1 works included the construction of a new DDA compliant tarmac and Breedon gravel ramp on the NW access to Albion Bridge. The reconstruction of 2 existing tarmac and leochip ramps, one at the SE access to Albion Bridge and the other at Izons Bridge. This phase also included the construction of 300m of Timber edged Breedon gravel towpath and several areas of repaired / extended brick sheeting.

Phase 2 works included the construction of 800m of timber edged Breedon gravel towpath plus the installation of several land drains.

Phase 3 works included the construction of an additional 400m of timber edged Breedon gravel topwath.

The works were a success and were delivered to programmed completion and were delivered within budget.

Location: Oldbury Cost: 0.25M Duration: 19 Weeks Completion: July 2008