Dairy Crest Outfall Pipeline

Civils Hatton 0.35M 15 Weeks November 2008

Dairy Crest Outfall Pipeline

Dairy Crest Outfall Pipeline


This project involved the construction of a new treated effluent outfall pipeline from the Dairy Crest dairy in Foston to the River Dove in the village of Hatton. The works included trenching and laying pipework, constructing a new outfall structure to the River Dove and 3 lengths of directional drilling.

The open cut trenching works involved the laying of an SDR11 pipe with butt welded joints across public highway, private agricultural land and private commercial land totalling approximately 1.7 kilometres.

The directional drilling element of the works was sublet and involved the drilling of three separate lengths, one beneath the railway line at Scropton, one beneath the A50 at Foston and the other beneath the A511 southern slip road at Foston, totalling approximately 300 metres.

The outfall structure to the River Dove was constructed in reinforced concrete and comprised an apron, head and wing walls. A flap valve was fitted to the pipe outlet to the river to prevent backwater effects during river surcharge. The structure was also furnished with an otter holt.

The works were a success and were delivered to programmed completion, delivered within budget and to the satisfaction of the client all third parties (Network Rail / Highways Agency / Derbyshire County Council / Environment Agency).

Location: Hatton Cost: 0.35M Duration: 15 Weeks Completion: November 2008