Brookhole Weir

Civils Huxley 0.06M 4 Weeks April 2010

Brookhole Weir

Brookhole Weir


Brookhole weir is located on the Shropshire Union Canal near Huxley in Cheshire.

The existing weir consisted of brickwork on sandstone and had been heavily eroded over the years.

The proposed works were to replace the weir with a new reinforced concrete weir. The weir crest was to be constructed 75mm below the existing weir crest level. The new weir however was to be furnished with a removeable weir crest extension with the capacity of raising the weir crest level by 75mm or 150mm. The weir was also to be furnished with a safe means of access, in the form of an aluminium walkway or bridge.

The removebale weir crest and the walkway were contractor designed by Hills Contractors Limited. The weir crest extension was achieved by the fixing of universal beams and channels to form stanchions on the wier crest and the installation of 75mm deep timber stop planks between. The timber planks were fixed in position by the insertion of steel pins through each stanchion and plank.

The works required the installation of a temporary dam around the weir which was achieved by portadam.

It was essential that the canal remained open to navigable traffic for the duration of the works.

The weir was accesed through adjacent farm land and all materials were transported in and out by land.

The works were completed on time, to budget and to a very high standard of workmanship.

Location: Huxley Cost: 0.06M Duration: 4 Weeks Completion: April 2010