Wilmcote Locks 44 - 50

Civils Bishopton, Stratford Upon Avon 1.0M 22 Weeks April 2010

Wilmcote Locks 44 - 50

Wilmcote Locks 44 - 50


Wilmcote locks are located on the Stratford canal between the villages of Wilmcote and Bishopton. They comprise 11 locks, top lock being lock 40 down to bottom lock 50. These works were specific to locks 44 to 50 inclusive.

The locks were originally built in 1815 but by the mid 1950's the South Stratford canal had fallen into complete disrepair.

The navigation was saved from being officially abandoned by Parliament in 1959 and the National Trust took ownership of the canal in 1960. The restoration work began in 1961 but was of sub standard design, material and workmanship.

By 1977 the National Trust were looking to offload the repsonsibility for maintaining the canal and in 1988 BWB gained control of the now derelict canal.v

Generally the canal structures are in poor condition and consist of a variety of differing material patch repairs. The structures are offcicially listed as category D structural condition and the intention of these works is bring the structures into Catgeory C structural condition only.

As such the works comprise brick replacement, repointing, masonry repairs, tail wall rebuilds, fender resetting, lock ladder extensions, bywash lining, vertical grouting, scour protection and crack stitching.

The works are to be undertaken during a planned stoppage which must be lifted by 12th March 2010. Work can continue after this date providing it doesn't interfere with the navigation. The entire length will need to be dewatered and the flow overpumped from lock 43 down passed lock 50.

During the course of these works additional work was added in the form of another two locks, lock 43 and lock 42. these required vertical grouting and repointing.

Although the locks aren't listed structures they are of heritage interest and all repairs have been undertaken in line with heritage specification. Hydraulic lime mortar has been used throughout and particular attention has been paid to mortar joint finishes.

The works have progressed very well and the work within the navigation was complete ahead of schedule in time to meet the 12th March 2010 deadline.

Severe weather conditions made work very difficult during January and February 2010 and maintaining temperatures suitable for bricklaying was achieved by additional round the clock heating, tenting, use of prompt in the mortar and strict forst protection measures, hessian etc.

The works are all but complete with reinstatement works and demobilisation underway.

Location: Bishopton, Stratford Upon Avon Cost: 1.0M Duration: 22 Weeks Completion: April 2010