Birkenburn Reservoir Works

Civils Glasgow, Scotland 1M 17 Weeks October 2009

Birkenburn Reservoir Works

Birkenburn Reservoir Works


Birkenburn Reservoir lies 4km north west of Kilsyth in the Campsie Hills and at an altitude of 431.3m (1415ft).

Following the last inspection by the All Reservoirs Panel Engineer (ARPE) works in the interest of safety were identified for remedial action. To fulfill their statutory obligations British Waterways are requried to address the findings of the inspection prior to March 2010. The works comprised the refurbishment of the existing discharge pipe, upgrade of existing leakage monitoring, upgrade of dam and spillway wave protection and upgrade of access to facilitate the works.

A previous attempt to de-water the reservoir utilising the existing discharge pipe resulted in suspended solids pollution of the burn system downstream of the reservoir. British Waterways were subsequently prosecuted by SEPA recieving a nominal £500 fine.

Principal features of the work include the following:

  • Upgrade access track
  • Cosntruct permanent access along dam crest
  • Dewater reservoir and locate the silt covered pipe
  • Construct a temporary stone / clay lined causeway
  • Excavate through silt and uncover cast iron pipe 510mm dia within the causeway
  • Construct temporary access to the existing valves
  • Remove existing silt and water from within existing pipe, jet wash and CCTV inspect
  • Remove existing valves and enclosures (3nr)
  • Line the existing pipe with a 450mm diameter HDPE fusion welded pipe.
  • Construct 90 degree intake bend, concrete thrust block, valve and intake screen above existing silt level
  • Install 2nr new valves and chambers at the downstream end of the pipe
  • New gabion baskets / mattresses and repairs
  • Repairs to spillway
  • Reinstate wave beaching
  • Cosntruct dam toe drains and chambers
  • Construct inline v notch chamber
  • Construct connecting drainage
  • Construct open ditch drainage

Access to the site has required extensive upgrade to the existing stone track to permit four wheel drive access to off road vehicles, tracked construction plant and four wheel drive construction plant. The road is constantly being repaired during the course of the works to facilitate the passing of heavy construction plant.

The works were completed in October 2009 with the exception of the outlet pipe relining and valve works. Differing bed, silt and water levels to that anticipated coupled with increasingly poor weather resulted in the client calling off completion in 2009 and deferring the outlet pipe works until Spring 2010.

Location: Glasgow, Scotland Cost: 1M Duration: 17 Weeks Completion: October 2009