Swan Pool Auxiliary Outfall

Local Authority West Bromwich, Sandwell 0.05M 5 Weeks February 2009

Swan Pool Auxiliary Outfall

Swan Pool Auxiliary Outfall


These works were commissioned to increase overflow capacity at the local amenity Swan Pool, Sandwell Valley Country Park, West Bromwich.

The works included the provision of a separate overflow located some distance from the existing overflow albeit on the same bank discharging to the same local watercourse.

The proposed permanent works included the laying of twin box culverts, 1200 x 600mm internal dimension and the construction of insitu concrete inlet and outlet aprons. The aprons were furnished with engineering brickwork wing and head walls. The spillway to the existing watercourse was constructed in concrete but furnished with rip rap stone setts to reduce flow velocity and for aesthetic purposes.

To facilitate the construction of the permanent works temporary works were necessary in the form of a clay dam and a temporary footway diversion.

The works progressed well and are now complete to the clients and reservoir engineers satisfaction. The project was delivered on time and to budget.

Location: West Bromwich, Sandwell Cost: 0.05M Duration: 5 Weeks Completion: February 2009